Dorothy Schott - age 90   

Dorothy Parrow
age 11 months

Rebecca Lea Hanes and Christopher Lee Robinson were married in
Nebraska City, NE on February 6, 2007.  Rebecca is the daughter of Denise (Barton) and John Hanes.

Dorothy (Parrow) Schott celebrated her 90th birthday on March 25, 2007.  Dorothy is the oldest of eleven children of Adlow and Rosetta Parrow.  Dorothy's remaining
siblings are a brother, LaClair Parrow, sister, Gloria
Peterson and sister, Lorraine Newton.    Just one week
before Dorothy's birthday they lost a brother, Robert
Parrow of Anaconda, Montana.

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Two of the 4th grade Participants in the State Fair Project at Sargent Central in Forman, ND were Michael Olson and Emma Howey. Michael is the son of Helena (Parrow) Olson  and grandson of Bev & the late Dean Parrow. Emma is the daughter Tanya (Wolff) Howey  and granddaughter of Patti (Parrow) Wolff.  (Tanya & Lena were also school mates back at Sargent Central.) Good job Kids!

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