New grand daughter for Fred  & Nita (Bonde) Geranen. Raegan Emma Lois Geranen was born on February 12, 2007
Raegan is the daughter of Jon and Marie Geranen.

Margie & Carl's granddaughters- Abigail, 11, Lindsey, 8 and Emma 2

Matthew James Cookson (05/05/1992) & William Brett Cookson (04/12/96) - the sons of Edward James Cookson and Cathy (Richeson) Cookson - grandsons of
Charles Edward Cookson and Barbara (Waning) Cookson.
(Will on  left - Matt on  right - Christmas 2006)

Margie (Parrow) and Carl Kinnoin family,
Mandan, ND
Back- Carla & Brad Landenberger, Kim & Dean Kinnoin
Front- David Kinnoin, Abigail Landenberger,
Margie & Carl Kinnoin, Emma Kinnoin & Lindsey Lan

Joel, who is handicapped and lives in Fargo, lives on his own but he hires a service to come in the morning and help him , they also do his laundry, cleaning ,etc. for him.. He has many different people come during the week. One young lady had become friends with Joel . She was working one day after his birthday on February 28 and so he was showing her his cards…. When she came to the one from his grandparents, that was signed "grandma and grandpa Parrow.." she began to question Joel… she said there were Parrow's in her family…. Well, she is the great-granddaughter of Edward and Mary Parrow… her grandmother was Irene (Parrow) Oland and  her mother's name is Beth (Oland) Orth.  Her name is Crystal   . So now they have decided they are cousins… she is going to college there and working to help with expenses.. she is from Lidgerwood….. Mary Parrow was also Joel's Aunt  Margie's Godmother. It's  a small world, you never know where you are going to find another relative!  (Joel is the son of Judy (Parrow) and Clyde Routledge of Lansford, ND and grandson of Don and Carol Parrow.)

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