Family Newsletter for descendants of  Odile Dumas LeTourneau Parrow                      May, 2007
Volume 9, Issue 2

Memorial day address to the Legion's audience, 1989 in Havana by William Smith

   Our Veterans Hall of Fame

      Wayne Lyons

       Harris Waldera

      LuGene Parrow

       Joseph Parrow

        Ernest Parrow

         Arthur Parrow

          Clarence Waldera

           Ernest Koca

         Charles Cookson

             Goose Bumps

Yes, Goose Bumps.  Those prickly bumps you get on your arms or legs or just all over.  When something exciting happens, when you're scared, when you're proud or some other emotional event - Goose Bumps!
My first recall is when I was about 6.  The cop in Havana was big, burly fella, wore bib overalls, a motorcycle cap and part of his ear was missing.  And yes, he had a star (right here).  He'd just look at you and you knew you had to behave.  Ooohh, Goose Bumps!  His name?  Art Parrow.
I get goose bumps often.  Whenever I see men or women in a uniform of this great country we live in. 
A police uniform, a legion uniform.  Even the Salvation Army.
My uniform reaction probably started when my Dad returned from World War 2.  Pa was a Marine and part of the uniform was that wide
Belt.  This belt was the most respected part of the uniform in my youth.  (Memorial Day is not an exercise in sadness.  We are here today to honor our war dead.     We  are honoring them by this annual event here at
Havana.  We are also remembering all those whom passed before us.  We also are, and very well should be, remembering all those who have served their country, dead or alive.  Military and non-military, moms and dad, grandpas and grandmas, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.  When we are remembering and honoring, we must include these.
War is a joint effort.  Some had more risk than others.  Never the less, a joint effort.
Turn on your TV and in the course of a short period, you will see men and/or women in uniform.  I see this and I get goose bumps.
Drive by, or better yet, visit a cemetery.  Read the stones.  Dream a little.  Imagine that young boy killed in action.  Goose bumps? You bet!  When on a trip or vacation, visit a military base.  See those young people in training.  Why are they there.  Many of them for personal reasons.
Training, education, a job, the money?      But overall, it's for our
protection.  The United States of America.
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